Sunday, September 6, 2015


Well, well, who would imaginated I'd back to write here again? Me neither. The english keeps crap, the ideas? Also, for sure. Four years have passed since I wrote my last post, things have changed, ow, how it had. I decided to back to write for two reasons, of course to practice my writing and for a discipline exercise, I just need to put my life on rail. Not that I've lost control of my life, not at all... But, I want more regular routine.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Facinating Trip: Knowing Te' Yikue tribe

While I write this I’m listening Avohai – Zé Ramalho

I’ve been wanting to write about my degree thesis for a long time, or what we call it in Portuguese here, TCC ( Conclusion Course Work). Last year I had already started to think about a theme, and I thought about making my TCC about the native people from my region, especially from my city, a tribe of Guarani Kaiowá, and so, my head started running wild with ideas, until some time ago I was sure to propose an urbanization, like an Urban Tribe like there is in Campo Grande, but I saw that it would probably be a complex subject to work on and I wouldn't be able to do a good job. I researched my topic but my mind opened up when I became better acquainted with the place of my object of study, there in the tribe "Te’ Yikue" I met the teachers of the local school, a bilingual school for the Kaiowá people, talking with them, I got what they really need, a place for meetings and events, there was another one, but it burned down, it was made of wooden walls and a straw roof. Well, this visit was enough for me, I was inspired to plan, I had gotten a great and fascinating challenge, plan something where modernity, sustainability and local culture coexist.

Well….now, I’m wearing out my mind from all the planning, I’m so exited and it’s gonna be an amazing job , I’m getting so much more than just learning how to plan… ( Thankyou Luis Perez for review my test)

Some Pics of Te' Yikue

The Localization.

Exibir mapa ampliado

Monday, May 16, 2011

The grass always grows green

Sometimes grow up isn't easy, in every meaning of the word. We're always growing up and learning and still seems as we don't know nothing. We think we are adult enough and know what are doing, but I am sure that this isn't truth. Is so much easy to get yourself wrong, even when we think we're well prepared, than, the surprise is so bigger. We use to believe that the people are like us, that they care about others, and are careful to be courteous and don't sadden the others, well, I think probaly they're, but they don't know how to be like that, they're bit coward. But the coolest of all is we always got something good from the bad things, and I'm certainly that the lovely people are who make us see this, that life isn't only those few bad moment, but it made of a bunch of others good moments that makes the bads less.

( The pic I took in the any farm's way at my city in the last summer.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

An Alien for a while

Today in my university I watched a seminary about the brazilian indigenous' culture, I like so much this subject, though I live in a city that there's so many indigenous and even a big tribe/village, I'm not used to talk with them or get a close contact, I only see them in the streets, is true now in my city they have a better life than another places in the country, they all speak portuguese and use good clothes... is so cool listen what they have to talk, what they think, today I knew a man who when was a child he used to pass way in front of the university with his parents in a wagon and only had curiousity to enter in that building, now he's a lawyer graduated in that university, a master and is studing doctorate, this is amazing and it just tell us that they're like us. But I have to tell one thing, I though myself a stranger there, was a less than 50 people group, and majority indigenous, I'm sure that I have got indigenous ascendence, but is curious that there's in your own city another people with culture and language what isn't the yours, is like two contries in one, is so rich and I guess I'm in the right way doing my thesis about this subject.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When he key...

Well... probaly my blog's name has no meaning or maybe has, but for sure there's a big grammar mistake ( as gonna be in a lot of posts), yes I know, but my intention was the sound, it sounds too close to my name's portuguese pronunce "Henrique" when you say "The Henrique" in pt (O henrique), yes, this is my real name, not Hainric as in my Blogger profile. So... I'll try to find (if there is) a meaning or another words combination to my name.